WooExpress Config – Plugin Settings

In the WooExpress plugin settings area you have the following tabs:

Alibaba SETUP


  • App Key
  • Tracking ID
  • Digital Signature

These informations are available when making an Aliexpress account.


Plugin SETUP


  • Server Charset – used by php query class – usually UTF-8
  • External Server Country Detection – this option is used for user geoip detection – you can choose from different servers
  • Show Alibaba Product URL as Buy Url – When this option is set to YES, products will have a direct link to Aliexpress`es product page
  • Show Free Shipping – Display Free Shipping Text on Frontend
  • Gallery – Enable gallery on product description

Import SETUP

Import Setup

  • Import products with price 0 (zero) – This option allows you to import products that have price zero
  • Import as – With this option you can set the product status after import – it can automatically be set to Draft or Publish
  • Image import type – this option allows you to download product images in 2 ways: at import – images will be downloaded each time a product is imported; asynchronously – images will be dowloaded using Assets Download module after all products are imported. The Assets Download module can be found in Plugin Status -> Assets Download.
  • Ratio product validation – this option is used combined with the Async Download method – The ratio represents the percentage of images that will be downloaded for a product to become valid. Ex: If you download a product that has 10 images and the ratio option is set to 90, the actual number of downloaded images for that product is 9.
  • Import Attributes – set this option to YES if you want the Product Attributes to be imported
  • Beautify attribute title – Sepparate attribute title words by space
  • Cron number of images – Set the number of images (generally) to be downloaded each time the cron file starts
  • Number of images – Specify how many images can be downloaded for each product
  • Image names – Specify how to name the downloaded images – options available: product title/random number