How to configure the plugin

After you have installed and activated the plugin all you have to do is to get your Api Key to start importing your Movies.

Head over to Movies -> Plugin Setup -> Movie Import Settings

Get your own api key from and paste it in the Api Key field.

The first time you install the plugin you will find our API key in that field. It will work but it will have limitations so it’s best to just generate your own API Key. Same thing with the Amazon keys (info below).

You also have other settings here like: Poster image size, Gallery image size, Number of gallery images, Number of casts.


Under the Frontend Settings you can select the page you want the movies to be displayed and how many movies per page you want to display.

Under the Amazon Related Products Setup you can select if you want to show up Amazon products related to your movie. If you want to do this you will have to set your Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, Your Affiliate ID (in order to receive commissions from Amazon) and the Amazon website you want to show the products from.


Just remember that every time you change some settings you will have to click on the SAVE THE SETTINGS button.