Content Spinner

Excelent On Page Optimization for Amazon Products

Worried about google finding duplicated content?

We’ve developed a new module called Automated eBay Content Spinner that will automatically spin the content that comes from eBay upon import.

That way, you can have unique content with minimal efforts.

How does it work? Well it’s very easy. You can use this module in 2 ways. One that is fully automated and when you import a product from eBay the content will automatically be spinned using thesaurus built in database.

You can setup how many words to be replaced, even all possible replacements.

The second way is to do it manually on each product, using a user friendly interface.

There’s also an option to rollback everything.

As thesaurus we have available the following languages : English ( , amazon,,, France (, Spain (


Content Spinner Settings

You can find it on Config / Import Setup.

From here you can setup the process to be made automatically when you import products, and how many replacements to be made.


You can do it manually also, from the Content Spinning module.

You can find it on Import Products / Content Spinner




To change the language the content spinner will use, all you have to do is set your main affiliate ID to the country you want the language to be.

So if you want the content spinner to be in Spanish you will have to set your Main Affiliate ID to Spain. Right now the content spinner only works in English, French, Spanish and Dutch.