About this Plugin

Premium Age Restriction Plugin for WordPress



It happens that you own a website that has content that’s not appropriate for all ages from moral or legal reasons?


Do you have a website that has alcohol, adult or cigarettes related content? You have a Winery Store and you don’t want kids to be able to buy from your store? Or a Beer Shop or Distillery where you make all sorts of cocktails?


Kids shouldn’t be allowed to browse through this type of content so easily. You need to protect yourself from the law (drinking age in US is 21), and the kids as well. Nowadays everyone owns a computer / laptop / tablet and they have access to all kind of informations.


Adult content? Not for kids! You’ll be able to restrict this type of content as well!

Premium Age Verification is suited for all kind of websites, no matter the content. It works as a plugin on the wordpress platform and it’s super easy to install and setup.