Google Analytics

Video – How to set up the Google Analytics module

In order to use the Google Analytics module, first you need to fill out some settings.

    1. Create a Project in the Google APIs Console:
    2. Enable the Analytics API from the Library
    3. After Enabling the API go to -> Credentials -> Create Credentials Button -> Create OAuth Client ID
    4. On Application type, choose Web application
    5. On Authorized redirect URIs make sure you add the link from the Premium Seo Google Settings

After creating a project you must fill out the following options:

  • Your client id: From the APIs console.
  • Your client secret: From the APIs console.
  • Redirect URI: Url to your app, must match one in the APIs console.
  • Profile ID: Select your website profile from list. If list is empty please authorize first the app.
  • Add Google Analytics javascript code on all pages.
  • Google Analytics ID: Your Google Analytics ID to be used in tracking script
  • Google Webmaster Tools

How to make a new project

1.Go to and Create New Project.



2. Under library enable the analytics API

3. Under Credentials  -> Create credentials Button -> Oauth Clint ID


The Application Type must be Web Application


On Authorized Redirect URL, you must add the Redirect URL from Google Analytics Settings.


4. After you created the new client ID, you will have the Your client id and Client Secret.


5. Make sure you save the Settings. After that Click on Authorize APP.

A pop’up box will open, where you must allow access to the analytics account.


After you accept it, select your profile ID.