SERP Tracking

Video – How to set up the SERP Tracking module

SERP Tracking – Settings

You can find the Settings in the Monitoring Module. Here you have the following:

  • Max number of requests: Max number of requests to Google API – 100 request per day for free, Additional requests cost $5 per 1000 queries, up to 10k queries per day.
  • API Key: from
  • Custom Search Engine ID: from
  • Top Size: Setup the Top size – top 20, top 100 and so on
  • Google locations – all locations available – 100 locations available
  • Email: you will receive notifications via email


How to create a new project for the SERP Tracking Module:

Step 1. Go to and Create New Project.


Step 2. Under library ->  Activate the Custom Search API.


Step 3. Next go to Credentials, Credentials Button -> API Key



Step 4. Go to and create a New Search Engine.


Step 5.  From here you will take the Custom Search Engine ID.


If you wish to keep track of your competition, you can search the entire web and keep rankings. Click On Advanced,  and click on Search only included sites dropdown. Select Search the entire web.

That way, you can add any links on the Serp tracking module.


Serp Tracking

Here you can add your own keywords and links to be monitorized. You can also add your competition and track their progress.