Assets Download

How will the import process work now?

You have some new options in Amazon config regarding product images.
One of the most important is the Image Import type:

Default is to download images at import

Custom is Asynchronous image download

Well the default one you understand how it works, let me explain how the Asynchronous image download works.

Let’s say you import 4000 products from Amazon. If these products have variations, it can take very long to import. The 4000 products can have over 10000 images. Most servers don’t support importing that many images in the same time, because of different limitation types.

Well, the Asynchronous image download allows you to import in an instant the 4000 products, and import the products images afterwards, either manually, either running a custom Cpanel Cron, where you setup how many images to import at a time. You can setup the default import publishing status to draft, and publish the products after all images have been downloaded.