Installation & Activation

Step 1 – Upload and Activation

Installing the theme is very easy, you’ll see.


There are two ways to install a WordPress Theme:

  1. Directly upload the zipped theme file via the WordPress admin

  2. By uploading the unzipped theme folder containing all the theme files directly on your server using an FTP client.


Option 1 – Using WordPress Installer ( recommended )

Log in to your WP Admin Panel and open the Themes panel

Click ‘Add new’ and follow the instructions

When asked to select a file, choose the file

After uploading the Plugin to your server, Click ‘Activate’

Option 2 – Installation via FTP Client Software

Extract the .ZIP archive from Codecanyon to a local folder on your PC. It should contain a subfolder named

Upload unzipped ‘kingdom’ folder from Themes folder to the ‘/wp-content/themes/’ directory using your favorite FTP client software

Make sure you have setup Transfer Mode – Binary, because files can be broken upon transfer with ASCII mode

Login to your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Themes

Click ‘Activate’