Available Shortcodes:

[kingdom_button]Button Text[/kingdom_button] – Creates a new button
[kingdom_list_type]<li>List Item 1</li> <li>List Item 2</li>[/kingdom_list_type] – Creates a new list type
[kingdom_footer_menu][/kingdom_footer_menu] – Creates a footer menu
[kingdom_horizontal_line_blue] – Creates a blue horizontal line
[kingdom_horizontal_line_gray] – Creates a gray horizontal line
[kingdom_code]Your code here[/kingdom_code] – Creates a code box
[kingdom_google_maps][/kingdom_google_maps] – Creates the map on the contact page
[kingdom_blog_slideshow][/kingdom_blog_slideshow] – Creates a slideshow
[kd_span][/span] – Creates a new span
[kingdom_box_headline class="kd_featured"]Your Headline here[/kingdom_box_headline] – Creates a new headline
[kd_spacing][/kd_spacing] – Creates spacing for between your elements
 [kingdom_column size="col-lg-5 col-md-5 col-sm-6 col-xs-12"]
  [kd_market_advertising headline="20% OFF ON WOMEN DRESSES" image="image-path.jpg" link="" link_text="SHOP NOW"] – Creates an advertising box
 [/kingdom_column] – Creates a new column
[/kingdom_row] – Creates a new row
[kd_search headline="SEARCH SHORTCODE" image="" background_color="#1c1c1c"][/kd_search] – Creates a Search box