Process Shortcode

Process Shortcode:
[decoElite_our_process title="Our Process" desc="Our process description" image="http://yourwebsite/yourimage.jpg" step_1_text="Step 1" step_2_text="Step 2" step_3_text="Step 3" step_4_text="Step 4" step_final_text="Final Step"]

This shortcode generates the Our Process Box.

[decoElite_row class="de-row"]
 [decoElite_column size="12"]
  [decoElite_our_process title="Our Process" desc="Just follow the steps and you will have your dream home in no time!" image="" step_1_text="Initial consult" step_2_text="Presentation" step_3_text="Materials" step_4_text="Fittings" step_final_text="The Product"]
our process image

Important: This shortcode can only be used on pages that have Template Homepage set as the Template.