Steps Shortcode

Step 1 Shortcode:
[decoElite_interior_step1 title="Step 1 – process" subtitle="Initial consult" image_url=""]Make an appointment for one of the designers to come home for measurements and discuss your requirements.[/decoElite_interior_step1]

step 1

Step 2 Shortcode:
[decoElite_interior_step2 title="Step 2 – presentation" subtitle="Fitting" project_presentation="Project Presentation" image_url=""]In our showroom we will present our proposals for your new furniture design with an approximate quote.We will explain step by step and give our recommendations.[/decoElite_interior_step2]

step 2

Step 3 Shortcode:
[decoElite_interior_step3 title="Step 3 – we’re almost there" subtitle="Materials" image_url=""]Oak is a hard wood, light in colour, which has good pliable qualities despite its durable nature. It stains and finishes well and resists moisture absorption.[/decoElite_interior_step3]

step 3

Step 4 Shortcode:
[decoElite_interior_step4 title="Step 4 – final step" subtitle="Fitting" image_url=""]Our installation teams will be in contact with you during installation![/decoElite_interior_step4]

step 4

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