Project List and Project Box Shortcodes

Project List Shortcode:
[decoElite_project_list per_page="3" orderby="post_date"]

Project Box Shortcode:
[decoElite_project_box post_id="1"]

This shortcodes will generate the projects list and the project box.

[decoElite_column size="9" md="8" sm="12"]
 [decoElite_box class="de-three-rows"]
   [decoElite_project_list per_page="3"]
  [decoElite_subrow class="de-row"]
   [decoElite_subcolumn size="12" md="12" sm="12" extra_class="de-alignleft"]
    [decoElite_project_box post_id="144" ]
project list and box image

Important: This shortcode can only be used on pages that have Template Homepage set as the Template.