9.4 Features – Synchronisation

Synchronization module:
– a product is not marked anymore to be put in trash when amazon api returned error “throttled request” or “other amazon error on response”
– new option “Amazon location for sync” in “Synchronization log Settings”, which let you choose which “amazon location” to use to sync products
– new option “Sync on Frontend”, which will activate the product synchronization when any client navigate on a product details page on website frontend
– new option “Cronjob Sync Type”
– new option “Cronjob Sync Prods Orderby”: you must choose how you want our cronjob to parse the products
– some improvements to the database queries responsible for geting the products to be synced, which can improve the performance for the synchronization process in case of tens of thousands of products and product variations
– new filters & visual changes for “Synchronization log” interface, to be more user friendly