PA API 5 Rates

Each account used for Product Advertising API 5.0 is allowed an initial usage limit up to a maximum of 1 request per second and a cumulative daily maximum of 8640 requests per day (TPD) for the first 30-day period after your account has been approved. Following that period, your PA API usage limit will solely be based on your shipped item revenue. Your account will earn a usage limit of 1 TPD for every 5 cents or 1 TPS (up to a maximum of 10 TPS) for every $4320 of shipped item revenue generated via the use of Product Advertising API 5.0 for shipments in the previous 30-day period.

Note that your account will lose access to Product Advertising API 5.0 if it has not generated referring sales for a consecutive 30-day period.

You can verify that your sales are being attributed to your calls to PA API by checking for the following:

  • You are using the links provided by Product Advertising API 5.0 when linking back to Amazon.
  • Your Associate account and Product Advertising API account were created using the same Amazon account (i.e. email address).
  • You are using your primary account to make requests to Product Advertising API 5.0.
  • You are passing your Partner tag in all your requests to Product Advertising API 5.0.

You can check to see sales that have been attributed to Product Advertising API 5.0 through generating a Link Type Performance report through the Associates’ Central reports tool.

If you are trying to submit requests that exceed your account’s usage limit, or if your access has been revoked you will receive a 429 TooManyRequests error message from Product Advertising API 5.0.

Don’t worry if you have a bad month and lose access to the PA API, you can easily use the Direct Import module, generate sales and regain access to the PA API!