Insane Mode


Insane mode does what it says: it allows you to import products at insanely speeds!

Search for products, grab products from pages like “Best sellers” or “Top rated” or import them using a list of ASIN codes you already have!





The module can be divided in 3 main parts:

The Searching / Products look-up zone



This is where you will add the products. This area also has 3 parts:

  • Search for products

Here you can manually search for products. As you can see, I have chosen to search for products using the “watch” keyword.

You can specify which category to look in and on how many pages you want to search.

  • Grab products

We’ve integrated the ASIN Grabber module into the Insane Import panels, so now you can grab and directly import Amazon’s best sellers, top rated products and so on! Easier than ever!

  • Already have a list?

In case you already have a list of ASIN codes that you want to import, you may use this panel.

The Queued Products zone



Here you can see the search results and select which and how many products would  you like to import.

You may also export an ASIN codes list of the imported products on the Export ASINs panel:



Clicking on “Export ASINs” will allow you to save a CSV file with the selected ASIN codes.


The Import parameters zone



Here you can select the following import parameters:

  • Image Import Type Asynchronuos image download would be faster than downloading the images at import. You will have to download them after, from the Assets Download Tab (Plugin Status) or by the assets cron job.
  • Number of Imagesmore means slower import
  • Number of variationsmore means slower import
  • Others (Spin on Import and Import attributes) – each of them would slow the import
  • Import in (select the category in which you would like the products to be imported)

On the right side, you can see the estimated import time and importing speed.

When you think you are ready, you may click on the “Import Products” button and start the insanity!