WZone UAE – United Arab Emirates

Great News!

Amazon launched a new affiliation program for the United Arab Emirates.

Now you can become an affiliate with amazon.ae, and with WZone’s latest version – 12.5.5 you can import products into your website and earn commissions!

Unfortunately, there’s no API available yet, but you can import & sync products by using the NO AWS Keys Import module!


WZone UAE – United Arab Emirates – Import products from Amazon.ae into your website in just a flash! That’s not all! You can also synchronize the products as well!




How to use it

Go to https://affiliate-program.amazon.ae and create a new affiliate account. Here you will find your affiliate ID.

Go to Config and input your UAE Affiliate ID.



Go to Import Products under NO PA API Keys module:

Select from the dropdown the import location – UAE, Choose a Category, input a search word and simply import products from amazon uae into your website!




The sync starts automatically and checks every 24 hours if there are any products that need synchronization.

The products are synched in bulk, 99 products per minute.