WZone NO PA API KEYS Synchronisation Module

WZone V12.5 comes with a new module that allows you to Synchronize products without the need of Product Advertising Keys!

As you might know, version 12 came with a module that allows you to import products from Amazon without the need of any PA API Keys!

Now you will be able to synchronize products without the need of PA API KEYS!

How to use:

  1. Update to WZone Version 12.5.
  2. Under NO PA API KEYS menu, you will find the Synchronization Module.


  1. Go to Plugin Cronjobs and make sure that the syncwidget crons are active.

The Cronjobs runs every minute and it’s able to sync max 99 products per minute.

And every 15 minutes the second cronjob verifies if there are any products that are not synced on your website and syncs them in bulk – 99 products per every minute.


Synchronization Settings:

With this new module you will be able to sync the Product’s Title & Price.

You will be able to also select if you wish to 

Also, you can select the 


The sync occurs automatically, every 15 minutes. and the recurrence is every 24 hours –  But you can also Sync product manually by clicking on the Sync Now button.

Also you can see a status on the products list page to see if the product was synced, how many times, and the last sync date.